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Client: ESSITY

Period: 2016

Duration: 1 year

Service: Control technology & control cabinets

Control technology and control cabinets for biogas plant

Essity was spun off from SCA in 2017 specifically for the hygiene products business. Today, Essity is one of the leading companies in the hygiene and healthcare sector with well-known brands such as Tempo, Zewa, Jobst, Leukoplast and many more.

We were commissioned by SCA Ortmann, now known as Essity Austria GmbH, to design and produce control technology with the associated control cabinets for a biogas plant for the company's internal sewage treatment plant. A sewage treatment plant is a technical facility for the purification of wastewater, in which, among other things, mechanical processes are used. For the automation of the mechanical cleaning process, control technology from Kostad is used, as well as control cabinets for the accommodation of various electrical and electronic components.

Portfolio Details