The Unity20 Mobile Charger is the latest development from Kostad. The most modern silicon carbide semiconductors are used in the innovative power electronics. The Kostad Mobile Charger is characterised by its mobile, innovative and compact design and is designed for many years of operation thanks to its stainless steel housing. Safety and reliability have been tested and certified by TÜV Austria.

Equipped with a 7" touch screen, the Charger simplifies handling and offers a simple and efficient charging experience. To control and monitor the charging performance, the Mobile Charger has been configured to use an optimal backend solution. With the in-house software "ChargeSphere - powered by Kostad" you will find all important data of your charging infrastructure on one overview page. This enables easy monitoring to retrieve the current status of your charging stations and to efficiently control services, malfunctions and maintenance.

The Unity20 Mobile Charger charges with up to 22.5 kW, with an optional software boost to 30kW, and can be equipped with all common connections (CCS, CHAdeMO, Type 2).


Easy to maintain




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