Invest in the future now with a Unity Multipoint charging cabinet solution from Kostad. The central charging cabinet offers you the possibility to supply a multiple of charging points from a secured operating room. Only simple and vandal-proof charging points are used at the car park.

With its stainless steel housing and IP54 protection class, the Multipoint system is also designed for many years of outdoor operation. The system offers a charging solution for up to 24 charging stations and is thus perfectly suited for professional fleet management. The integrated load management guarantees a fair distribution of the available power for simultaneous charges.

The central charging cabinet solution consists of several individual power modules that can be expanded at any time as the demand for charging points grows. For the control and monitoring of the charging power, the Mobile Charger has been configured for the use of an optimal backend solution. With the in-house software "ChargeSphere - powered by Kostad" you can find all important data of your charging infrastructure on one overview page. This enables easy monitoring to retrieve the current status of your charging stations and to efficiently control services, malfunctions and maintenance.

5 years warranty

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