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Unity product campaign


In line with the motto "#shinebright", we are now launching our product campaign in April, with everything revolving around the heart of our company: our product range. We are passionate about electromobility and we want to communicate this to the outside world.

For us, a charging station is not just a charging station. Behind it are countless hours of development, design and, above all, a lot of attention to detail. All our products are manufactured in our production centers in Austria and shipped from there to various countries. We are continuously working on optimizing our Unity series and expanding it with new products. Especially important to us is the highest level of customer satisfaction, which is why we respond individually to customer requests for each project.

In the current campaign, you can see our chargers all in Kostad design and get an idea of how the products are built through 3D visualizations.

Watch all animations on our Youtube channel.

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